Sunday, 30 December 2012


I love the Disney movie Tangled. Not just for its plot and funny jokes but for its beautiful artwork and animation. It must have been so hard to animate Rapunzel’s 70 foot hair and I admire Disney for that.

So that’s why, for my first post, I’m posting an art work! Not just one, but two versions of an art work.Tangled

Here is the original Tangled art work which I did in my Art Journal.  It took me about 40 minutes to draw and ink the sketch and around 20-30 minutes to colour with watercolour pencils which doesn’t seem like much but it was really hard to get the positioning right. I am not satisfied with how their faces look but it’s better than nothing.

Below the original is the digital version. So which one do you prefer? I prefer the digital.

Tangled Cartoonised


  1. This is a amazing drawing, how do you get that watercolor technique.

  2. I used watercolour pencils and used two different colours in the same place and blended together and put water over, to create new colours :D

  3. that is amazing, now i know how to do it thanks :)